About Kristi
About Kristi

Kristi is a professor at Williamson College and the bestselling author of Rediscovering Israel, as well as Jesus & Women and The Gospel on the Ground. Kristi teaches the Bible in its historical, cultural, geographic, and linguistic contexts. She encourages believers to be postured to receive what the living God is saying through communally experiencing Scripture. Kristi teaches about the goodness of God, often experienced through table fellowship, practicing hospitality, and collaborative wisdom.

Kristi is the author of “Jesus and Women” which is one of the foundations of the “Well Women” Ministry. She also wrote “Gospel on the Ground”, “Rediscovering Israel”, and a podcast called “Pearls”.

A weekend with Kristi McLelland - May 3rd and 4th

Join us for a weekend with Kristi McLelland on May 3rd and 4th! This will be a weekend to "feast" on God's Word through scripture-rich teaching and discover a new way to see His truth through the lens of historical and cultural context.

May 3rd: Friday night from 6:30-8:30pm will be a co-ed event where both men and women are able to learn a new way to look a scripture.

May 4th: Saturday morning from 9am-12pm will be a women's only event where Kristi will present to us familiar stories of women from the bible and offer us a new way to look at these stories through the Middle Eastern lens.

If you have never heard of Kristi or participated in one of her studies, I would encourage you join us for this event. It will truly change how you read and study scripture. And will give you a new look at just how much God loves women!

Below are registration links for the event. Please make sure to read each registration link carefully so that you are selecting the right choice for you. There are links for each day separately and a link for both days.