Congregational Care

Teams/Ministries who are committed to being the Hands and Feet of Jesus to care for members of our congregation.

Stephen Ministry

The Stephen's Ministry provides one-on-one emotional and spiritual support through trained volunteers who confidentially listen care, encourage and pray with those in our church and community who are in need.

Care Team

The Care Team provides meals, visits, and encouragement for those in our church in times of sickness, death of a loved one, or other difficult situations.

James Ministry

The James Ministry is intended help those within our church who meet assistance criteria with financial needs.

Gideon Cards

On Sunday morning, you can find different Gideon cards at the Resource Desk. These cards are a way to purchase Bibles. The cards are free and there are a variety of different ones. When you send them to different people you are given the opportunity to purchase Bibles in their name. The Bibles are $5 each, and it is a way to not only send someone a card, but give a Bible in their name as well. The Gideons ministry has placed over 2.3 billion Bibles in 173 different languages. Please stop by the Resource Desk or email to learn more and pick up a card.